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A nice drawing for mum, a cool picture for dad and share it on Twitter or Facebook. Nothing more, nothing less.

Let your children develop their creativity and have fun with this app made for them.

No complicated setups, just touch a pen to select a color and touch it again to change its size. No text to read, kids don't need parents to play.

This app is compatible with stylus for iPad / iPhone.

The interface is designed for iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, iPhone 5 or iPad Retina and the new iPad Mini.


Puzzles4Kids is a jigsaw puzzles collection for 2+.

Young children will practice with 2 pieces jigsaw, whereas the taller will try to assemble pics going to 77 pieces.

The game difficulty is customizable, so you can :
- select the grids to use
- show/hide the grid on the game board
- show/hide the background picture on game board
- change background opacity.

Child can choose the pic he want to assemble from the included ones or choose a photo from the iPad library.

Optimised for iPad Retina and iPad Mini

Twins4Kids : a memory game for children

Twins4Kids is a nice memory game for children. A colorful world, nice animals, your child will have fun.

Learn, have fun!

Find pairs and win jokers to get better scores. Share you're best scores on Game Center and social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Sina Weibo)

LoanSim : a quick and easy loan simulator

A new project? A new home? A new car? A beautiful gift to offer? There is a loan for this!

Want to know how much your loan will cost you, to better adjust its duration, the insurance rate? With "LoanSim: A quick and easy loan simulator", you can do it all with one finger.

Once the simulation is adjusted, you can send a report by email or export it to another application (PDF).

The application is optimized for Retina displays on the iPhone 4 / 4S and 5!

- The application is optimized for iPad, iPad Retina and iPad Mini
- A left-handed, right-handed mode on the iPad for more comfort

Available* languages ​​are:
- French
- English
- German
- Spanish

* Depends on the configuration of your iPhone/iPad

Roland Garros - St Denis de La Réunion Airport

Thanks to this app, you will know all scheduled flights for the day at Roland Garros Airport (Saint Denis, La Réunion)

Notes : Informations given by this application can't substitute the airport ones.
This service is independant from "CCI Réunion" or "Société de l'Aéroport de la Réunion Roland Garros".

Fly Away - Stalagmites & Stalactites

Beautiful day for flying away! Unfortunately your lack of experience will take you to a mysterious place that would jeopardize that quiet ride.

Tilt your iPhone / iPod / iPad to avoid stalactites and stalagmites and collect as many coins as possible. Touch the screen to accelerate and get twice as much gold.

*** Unlock the multiplayers mode to compete against players from around the world and even challenge your Facebook friends. ***

Graphics by

Coderwall achievements


The walrus is no stranger to variety. Use at least 4 different languages throughout all your repos


Have at least one original repo where some form of shell script is the dominant language


Have a project valued enough to be forked by someone else


Have at least one original repo where Objective-C is the dominant language

Nephila Komaci

Have at least one original repos where PHP is the dominant language


Fork and commit to someone's open source project in need


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  • Formidable

    "Très simple d'utilisation ce qui fait de ce jeu, le tableau magique parfait pour les enfants."

  • Good

    "Well thought out and handy to use. Good with a stylus."

  • Nice jigsaw app

    "It's a nice little jigsaw puzzle app. All of the kids I work with have enjoyed playing with it. I do think the Facebook button needs to be removed or able to be disabled in the settings."

  • Fun jigsaw puzzle app

    "This is a good jigsaw app that lets you choose the amount of pieces you want so that your child who is just starting to put puzzles together can continue to use the app as they get better at putting together puzzles with more pieces. The only thing I'm not a fan of is the ads and the facebook button."


    "My son plays this all the time. Puzzles are adjustable from a few large pieces to a regular hard small piece puzzle. Sizes you do not want to use can be locked out. You can lighten the background image away. You can make a puzzle of any photo you have! My son is 5 and autistic and worked out the photo thing on his own. If your child likes puzzles, this is one to get! He has had it forever and never tires of this one."

  • J'aime

    "Très simple d'utilisation pour les enfants"

  • Excellent

    "Like the way Dad's Corner allows you to customize from 2 pieces to over 50 and add or remove the opaque picture. Extremely impressed that pressing the + button on the top right allows you to choose a picture from the camera roll and break it into a puzzle giving an endless supply of free puzzles to play with!"

  • Super

    "Un grand classique du mémento élégamment repensé avec une notion de joker , rend ce jeux très amusent . Egalement mon fils aime beaucoup le Game Center associer."

  • Guut

    "Eigentlich gut"

  • Malgrés les avis négatifs

    "Cette appli fonctionne plutôt bien et rempli son office. Seul bémol les réglages des donnés par glissé manquent de précision et sont peu pratique mais on peut rentrer les données avec le clavier numérique."

  • Super

    "Très bonne appllication"

  • Super 👍

    "Très pratique quand on veut chercher un financement. Facile, rapide, simple d utilisation. Permet de faire ses calculs avant d aller voir le banquier"

  • Top


  • Efficace et clair

    "Tout est dans le titre ! On peut même rajouter que c'est rare de trouver un simulateur aussi accessible. Encore mieux si possibilité de ne plus avoir de pub et pouvoir conserver son dernier calcul et prêt à payer l'application pour cela."

  • Très bon

    "1- fait ce qu il est en droit de lui demander. 2- jolie présentation"

  • Pratique

    "Application simple qui donne des résultats rapides et exhaustifs. Petit utilitaire très pratique"

  • Très bien

    "Fait très correctement ce qu'on lui demande sans options bidons . Permet de faire des simulations très rapidement. Je recommande +++"

    Lazy 645  
  • Excellent

    "Franchement, une application simple d utilisation et très accessible a tous , performant , précis .....bref, sans aucune hésitation , top top et top"

  • Simuler un prêt : en 1 minute avec LoanSim

    "Parfait pour se faire une idée précise et rapide des échéances en fonction du taux et du montant emprunté, ou à l'inverse du montant empruntable pour une échéance souhaitée."

    iChess (free)  
  • Super efficace.

    "Simple et merveilleux. Idee: Ca serait chouette de faire un petit indicateur d'annees sur la timeline."

  • Tout a fait ce que je cherchais

    "Premier jour d utilisation... Si c est toujours comme ça c est super ! Cela m evitera de chercher des calculateurs sur internet qui finisse toujours en pub."

  • Dr

    "Simple et efficace pour simuler rapidement des prêts et voir le tableau d'amortissement. Exactement ce que je cherchais : une calculette à prêts."

  • Fixed. Brilliant!

    "Completely useful. Great support. Thanks for the app!"

  • Simple et efficace

    "Les horaires de vol de RolandGarros simplement et très efficace. Merci pour cette app!"

  • Ça fonctionne

    "L'application fonctionne bien!! Pas encore testé longtemps pour voir si les vols annulés sont notifiés!"

    olivier dauvergne  


What is brae?

brae is an acronym for "BIGOT René, Auto-Entrepreneur". So, just me, as a freelance developer!

About me

I'm René, employee of the national society of french railways and mobile developer in my spare time. I also try to give a hand in open sources projects via github.

I develop mainly in Objective-C but I also like to play with other languages, like PHP.

Do not hesitate to contact me. It will be a pleasure to read.


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